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XSL Xenon Hockey Stick


  • It is  made of Mulberry wood with fiberglass  reinforcement for extra durability,paint finish and PVC grip.
  • All hockey stick comes in a bag which is free.
  • Sizes 26",28",30",32",34",36",38".
  • Hockey Stick Approx  Guide

    Player Height

    Stick Length

    Below 4 ft    

    30 inch

    4ft - 4ft 7in    

    32 inch

    4ft '7in - 5ft    

    34 inch

    5ft - 5ft 4in   

    36 inch

    5ft 4in - 6ft 2in    

    36.5 inch

    6ft 2in - 6ft 5in   

    37.5 inch

    Above 6ft 5in    

    38 inch

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