How to Shoot Accurately in Netball

by Siraj

Two Parts:

  • Readying yourself to shoot
  • Shooting the ball

Do you envy the girl or boy who can always play GS (goal shooter) or GA (goal attack) and score all her or his shots in a netball match? By following these steps, you can be a shooting star on court.

Part 1 of 2: Readying yourself to shoot


Get ready to shoot. Stand with the ball inside the shooting 'D' semi circle; align your body to the netball post. This means putting your feet, shoulders and elbows facing the netball post. Also place your feet shoulder width apart for balance.

  • Check your balance. It is important to have good balance


Hold the netball with one hand supporting it with the other hand.


Stretch your arms above your head.

  • Have your elbows in a right angle so you can see your elbows, have the ball above your head.


Have the goal net in your view. Imagine a cone above the net, like an upside down witch's hat, and place your focus on the point the highest and most center of the net.

Part 2 of 2: Shooting the ball


Bend your knees and elbows, and as you straighten, release the ball and push it upwards, and give some backspin to make sure it goes in the net, not over it.

  • Move your hands backwards and push upwards and forwards as you release the ball, like an overhead pass.
  • Make sure to bend your knees and rise as you shoot, to gain extra power.


Keep practicing. It will take time to develop but shooting goals will get easier the more you try. And don't forget to say "well done" to yourself every time you get a goal, go team


  • Always make sure you can get the rebound.
  • Hold the ball in your strong hand and with the other hand aim with your fingers bending so it looks like they are in the hoop then shoot.
  • Aim at the inner rim of the ring when shooting the ball.
  • Practice using one hand.
  • Try to find the shooting position that suits you best. Try shooting in a few different ways and use the best position for you.
  • When releasing the netball, give it some backspin to give the shot more control.
  • Don't look at anything. Just look at the ring.
  • Look at both the ball and ring and remember to bend.
  • Focus on the hoop! Ignore any distractions...
  • Put your hand up as soon as the ball is out of your hands, so if you don't get it in you can have another try.


  • You must do the correct warm ups and cool downs before and after netball matches.

Things You'll Need

  • Netball (size 5)
  • Netball ring (not basketball as they are bigger and make it easier to shoot and they have a back board)
  • Netball court

For Netball gear