How to Play Gully Cricket

by Siraj

Gully cricket is an unofficial form of cricket originating mainly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. When the game of cricket is played in small lanes, known as 'gully' in Hindi (the language mainly used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), the game is called 'gully cricket'. Sometimes the rules are improvised: e.g. it may be agreed that fielders can catch the ball with one hand after one bounce and claim a wicket; or if only a few people are available then everyone may field while the players take it in turns to bat and bowl. Tennis balls and homemade bats are often used, and a variety of objects may serve as wickets.



Get a cricket bat, cricket ball. You could use a cork, tennis, rubber ball, but it is advisable to play with a tennis or rubber ball as it is easier to use and does not hurt as much as a cork ball.


Gather a few players to play the game. The game rule officially states that you would need 11 players per side for a game of cricket. But in gully cricket you can even play with just 3 players a side.


Form two teams of equal players.


One team bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the runs scored by the batting team.


The team that should bat/field first will be decided by a coin toss.


Once a team finishes batting, the second team will come to bat and will try to score 1 more run than the other side.


If the team-batting-second successfully scored 1 more run than the score of the first innings, they win. If not, the team which batted first wins.