How to Play Backward Defence in Cricket

by Siraj

Have you ever been bowled a pitched up delivery and never knew any better than to try and slog it? Here is a quick guide telling you how to play a very handy shot in cricket; the backward defence. Read on to find out how you deal with these deliveries



Think ahead. Before the bowler bowls try and figure out what delivery will come, also check the field settings and the pitch conditions.


Follow the ball If the ball is pitched over the waist, then you may go for backward defence. Mostly its only when the ball is pitched short. you could see if the ball is pitched low by watching the bowlers hand.(when he delivers the ball)


Don't put any power into the shot, just position your bat so the ball will get to the ground as fast as possible.


  • Always remember to step back at an angle so you are in line with your off stump.