How to Play a Held Ball in Netball

by Siraj

A held ball in netball is a ball that needs to be played within a set amount of time or the ball is forfeited to the other team.



Understand the reasoning behind a "held ball". Play must remain swift and unimpeded. Without rules as to holding onto a ball for too long, a player could delay a game unfairly for the other team. A held ball concept provides for quick thinking reaction time for the player with the ball and ensures the maintenance of the pace of the game.


Be prepared to react quickly with a held ball. You will have three seconds to pass the ball on to another team player or to shoot it. If you do not play it within the three seconds, a free pass is awarded to the opposing team at the place where the player over-held the ball.


Practise counting the three seconds and knowing what can be done in that space of time. Three seconds should be enough time to allow you to locate another team member to pass to, or to take that goal shoot. You can practise ingraining how long three seconds takes at home. Watch the second hand on a watch or clock while you wait in a queue; watch three seconds pass as the microwave cooks. Develop a movement or time sequence in your mind that matches those three seconds to help you make the most of this time on the court.

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