How to Improve Your Batting in Cricket

by Siraj

Two Methods:

  • General techniques for improvement
  • Building your Innings

Cricket is an unusually interesting game that is good for maintaining fitness. Perhaps the most important and difficult facet of cricket is batting. Batting looks very easy but its a real test when you are on the field. Batting needs a lot of practice but here are some tips that will help you in improving your batting skills:

Method 1 of 2: General techniques for improvement


Practice. Make sure to practice regularly, even if it is for a short time (even half an hour). The more you practice, the better your play will be. Remember that you can always take on a coach to help you.

    • While practicing, focus on your weaknesses and try to play a lot of balls at your weakness to get rid of it.
    • Don't stick to a particular shot during your practice session. Different balls need to be angled differently. You can practice a shot to master it, but you should not make the same response on every ball.


Make targets. While playing, try to make targets such as 'Scoring 25 runs ; playing yorkers'. Through this, you will increase your potential and more accurately come to know your capability.


Love whatever you do. Enjoy your batting. Cricket should be played with a cool mind. Don't be afraid if you can't score runs, it happens with every batsman.

    • Play unofficial games. Play some pick-up games amongst friends that involve batting, but not necessarily in a true game. This should help to increase your enthusiasm for batting and improve your skills at the same time.
    • With increased skill comes increased enjoyment.


Know the bowler. If you know the tricks and the bowling speed of the bowler, you can decide your shots and adjust your timing. Usually, in the middle of the bowler's spell, bowlers try to bowl a tricky one.

    • Some bowlers try to distract and aggravate you from the game. Don't listen to them and never try to prove yourself. Be calm in the field.


Become well-versed in the tricks. Learn different tricks like playing the hook shots and playing drives. Always try to play from the middle of the bat. If playing to seam, make sure that you play late once you are known for the swing of the seam.


Watch matches played all the way out. Try to watch more and more matches and observe the strategies, then apply them in your own game.

    • You can note the style of the batsman you follow. See his stance,drives and almost everything. Note how they face bouncy and swinging deliveries.


Don't be disappointed. If you can't achieve your goal, don't lose confidence. Every player has variations in capabilities and talent; some players don't achieve their goal even after many tries. The key is to not give up and keep practicing.


Try to improve your weaknesses. It means that you should be strong no matter where the delivery is. You should know how to face the deliveries that are away from your body.

Method 2 of 2: Building your Innings


Grip is the way of holding a bat. It is a basic step, but it is also important for improving your batting. Different players have different grips, but usually:

    • Note that correct grip should be making 'V' with your hands while holding the bat.
    • At the start of the innings bat is hold from near the bottom.
    • As the game goes and once you are set you can hold it from little above in the middle to play better and lofted shots.
    • The upper hand should be tight while the lower should be a little loose. Remember, holding tight by the lower hand could lead you in trouble.
    • Never hold a bat with your fingers.It should be hold firmly with your palms.


Stance. Stance is the way of standing out in the field. It can vary from batsman to batsman. You can try various and look out for the most comfortable one.

    • Your eyes should be level and you should focus on either the ball or the hand of the bowler, better is focusing on the ball as it tricks.
    • Knees should be very slightly bend.
    • Take guard (middle guard is recommended) and rest the toe of your bat exactly in the centre.


Starting the innings. In the start, you should understand the pitch and should defend more and more balls. Once you are set, you can start playing lofted shots, but it should come only after 20-35 balls (about 5-6 overs later).

    • It is the time mostly when you get out. Remember not to play any silly shot with loose hands.


Know what to do in the middle of your innings. While in the middle, try to build your innings. Rotate the strike and give more opportunities to your partner if he/she is having a good game.

    • Always try to play from the middle of your bat. Edges can lead to being caught-behind by the keeper.


Remember to learn from your mistakes and never to repeat them. Have a positive attitude towards your game.


  • Every player face some difficult phases in life. Never stop dreaming.
  • Motivation comes from within. Build motivation by setting small targets, then making them big.
  • Never be disappointed. Even International Cricketers are out for a duck.
  • Always play with a cool mind. Never listen to the abusers in the field.
  • Try to understand the type of pitch before the match starts. The more you know about the pitch, the better your batting will be.
  • Play fair. Don't cheat, but if you feel like you are being cheated appeal your level best.
  • Warm-ups are very important. Do some stretches before going on the field.
  • Never play with an injury. It could turn it into a serious body damage.

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