How to Get Really Good at Tennis

by Siraj

Are you bad at tennis? Do you want to become like Nadal or Federer? Follow these steps to improve your tennis skills



Choose a racket. Go to a sports shop to choose your racket. Ask yourself if you want oversized, light, what color you want, what size you need, etc. If you cannot see your choice, buy it online or at another sports store.


Get a training pole. You can find these usually at sports authority. If you got the training pole put it in your basement or in your backyard.


Choose tennis balls. See if you want the training or original tennis balls.


Start training. Go to the park every day early (you'll get used to rising early) run 5 laps around, bring someone else to play a tennis game with you. In the afternoon do 100 hits on your training pole.


Repeat. Do these steps over, and over again. You should see how to get a really strong front hand. You should be able to serve throwing up the ball and slamming it almost perfectly, and you should be able to beat the friend you chose 11 times, at least.