How to Do Very Good Wicketkeeping in Cricket

by Siraj

Keeping is very important part of Cricket. A wicketkeeper is the workhorse of a fielding team. Without a good wicketkeeper, keeping opposition tight with a chase-able score is unbelievable. If you are a wicketkeeper, then you are the main part of fielding department of your team. If you want to improve your skill of wicket keeping, then you are in the right place.



Believe in yourself: Always keep believe in yourself. Never think, "I can't handle it i guess". Always think, "The ball is mine, its for my keeping gloves".


Keep your eyes on to the ball: No matter what happens, never keep your eyes down from the ball. Start observing the ball when the bowler starts his running. Keep your 100% concentration in the ball.


Always be ready for the edge: Just keeping the ball straight through (Without touching Bat) is not your main job. You've to be ready for the edge. Don't be so nervous, think every ball that, "There will be an edge", no matter if there is or not.


Keep practicing catch as long as you can: Don't be so lazy. Keeping is like a meditation. It’s an exercise for your mind and brain. Manage a mate to throw ball for you.


Always try to keep cool: The main thing for a wicket-keeper is concentration. Always try to be cool before your match. Try to avoid fighting, yelling etc. if you have a match after few hours.


Get confidence by getting some runs: A wicket-keeper might be not so useful though he is keeping wicket very beautifully if he doesn't have a good hand on Bat. So, if you want to become a good & useful wicketkeeper for your team, you have to concentrate on your batting. If you get some important runs, this will build your confidence level very high.


  • Try to read some books on wicket keeping. This will make your knowledge broaden!
  • Try to do something cool before starting the match. Make some fun with your friends. Listen to your favourite music’s.
  • Keep faith on you. No matter who is the bowler is, trust yourself, you can keep the wicket!
  • Try to understand the pitch. If it is spinning around, ease your legs, 'cause you got to move around a lot.
  • Try to keep an understanding between you and the bowler that how he would bowl to the batsmen. So, it will make ease your job.