How to Catch a Cricket Ball

by Siraj

Two Methods:

  • Preparing for a Catch
  • Taking a Catch

Catching is the action of fielders to get the batsman out by collecting the ball once hit in the air by the batsman. Catching is one of the elements of fielding and one of the most important aspects of cricket. The more adept the fielder, the better a cricketer the person is.

Method 1 of 2: Preparing for a Catch


Know the rules.For taking a catch you should be aware of some of the rules made by the International Cricket Council (the governing body over cricket):

  • The batsman is not declared out if the ball is a no-ball or dead ball.
  • The fielder drops the ball before catching the ball fully.
  • The fielder steps over the boundary line.
  • The ball bounces before the fielder collects it.


Take a stance.Stance is the way of standing while fielding. The fielder should have a solid stance in order to catch the ball. An ideal stance would be bending your knees and making cup position with your hands.

  • It is essential for a slip fielder to bend on knees and keep hands pointing down, making a cup position. This will help you in taking grounded catch.


Have a positive mind set.If you think you are a bad fielder, keep that thought out of your mind. Fielding is just based on your attentiveness and your attitude towards game. Thinking in a positive way can help you become a better catcher.


Be attentive.Attentiveness is required for a good catch. You should be attentive on the field and expect that every next ball will come to you.

Method 2 of 2: Taking a Catch


Know your position.Know if you are near the boundary or in slip, this will help in avoiding fallout with another player.

  • Don't rush over every ball that goes high. Only catch those which are either over you or in an empty position.


React quickly.Know the position and speed of the ball. If you receive a catch over your chest take a step or two back and catch the ball.


Keep your eye on the ball.It is essential for a fielder to keep eye contact with the ball. Keep your eyes on the ball until it passes you else it would result in a dropped catch.


Make the cup.Make the cup with your hands and let the ball rest on your palm.


Practice the proper form.Practice taking the catch over and over, whilst concentrating on using perfect form for each catch. Soon the catches will become second nature.

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