How to Bowl Fast in Cricket

by Siraj

Four Parts:

  • Attaining line and length
  • Arm movement
  • Running
  • Practice makes perfect

Bowling fast is a handy skill to have in cricket. With a few easy steps you should be bowling at least one third faster.

Part 1 of 4: Attaining line and length


Get your leading arm as high as possible. This ensures proper momentum.


Get your line and length when bowling at your normal speed. This can be achieved by continually bowling at a single stump and aiming for a spot where you want the ball to bounce. If this feels awkward, change your way of bowling.

Part 2 of 4: Arm movement


Hold the ball with two fingers.


When raising your arm, bring the bowling arm nearer to your ear while throwing the ball.


Thrust your arm the opposite to your throwing arm fast and forcefully. Your other arm, the throwing arm will follow just as quickly.

  • This means that the ball will travel with more speed.

Part 3 of 4: Running


Run through at least to one third of the pitch. Once you have bowled make sure you run through at least to one third of the pitch so the ball won't lose speed when you release it.


Jump a little while bowling.


Make sure that your last step is stretched out and comes down hard.


Aim to make the ball a Yorker or of good length.


Ensure that your leading foot is behind the front crease, if your foot goes over the crease the Umpire will call a no ball and the opposing team will score a run.

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