How to Become a Better Rugby Player

by Siraj

Have you seen the star players in every team who always seem to make a real impact on the game, swing the momentum around or just have that physical edge? Well, here are a few steps that you can follow to help become one of these players



Stick to a position. You will never make a good team if suddenly you're a prop then a center.


Do not try to be a hero, just play the game and do what your position is designed to do. If you're a prop try to secure the ball at the ruck or put pressure on the hooker in scrums.


Get tough. That can mean anything from practicing tackling on your mates at practice or at school "running it up" at lunch. Have no fear, the chances are that they are more scared that a guy is sprinting at them and they are pressured into making this tackle.


Watch Professional Rugby, any team that you like. This will do wonders for your rugby. You learn techniques and it immerses you in the world of rugby.


Have a good exercise routine designed for your position. Example: sprint training for a back and strength for a forward. But remember you must always keep fit so you can make it rucks etc.


Have fun, that's the key. Get into a team where you're with mates. You may find it dull without a close-knitted team.


Show up to practice. It makes a good relationship with your coach and you will learn things to become a decent rugby player. This is the best thing you can do.

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