How to Be a Successful Cricket Captain

by Siraj

Cricket is a bat and ball sport played between two teams of eleven players each. Cricket has been an established team sport for hundreds of years. A captain in a cricket team plays an important role in the success of his team. A captain can turn the tables of the match. The captain makes a number of important decisions including setting fielding positions, alternating the bowlers and calling the toss. The toss takes place before the match and the winning captain makes his/her decision in consideration of pitch conditions, the weather, and the relative bowling and batting abilities of the two sides. This can have an enormous impact on the course and result of the match. During play, the captain decides when to change the bowler and who to replace him with, depending upon the situation. In One-day Internationals the captain also decides when to make use of Powerplay 2.



Be mentally strong. take stress be under-pressured.


Guide your team with a positive approach.


Always be the most active player on the ground.


Make maximum use of the opponent team's weaknesses and plan your strategy accordingly.


Use the Power plays wisely.


Take decisions according to the result of the Coin Toss.


Keep the team united, as far as possible, without seeming to unduly favour any one player or player faction.


Try to reduce politics between the team members, if and when they surface.


Accept suggestions and ideas from fellow team members but think it over before implementing them.


Try to capitalize each of your players strength's and do not let their weaknesses to be discovered and attacked at.


Be fair and impartial and give youngsters or new players a chance.


Keep the confidence levels high among your team. A good captain must be observant and have a good memory