How to Be a Better Goalie

by Siraj

Goaltender is one of the most demanding positions in every sport that requires one. Roller hockey is no exception. It takes hard work, dedication and practice but, it can be very rewarding and fun.



Stretch before exercising to avoid injuries. Being a roller hockey goalie is simple if you nail down the basics. Before you step out their do a little stretch without pads then strap them on get focused and stretch.


Once you get out there, get used to your net and crease before warm ups or the game just skate up and cut of angles pretending someone is REALLY on a breakaway.


Now, it's game time; get focused! ! Now the little plays. Here is a list of what might happen:

  • Breakaway- come out to top of crease and [know where your posts are!] and cut off the angle make them see you not the net.
  • Behind the net-now just keep your eye on the ball and remember if it goes through the crease for a pass put your stick out and block it. But if there behind the net look out for that open man in front and talk to your defense!!!!
  • odd man rushes- play the puck and don't come out as far as a breakaway. Just play the puck[ball] and watch the other man but don't give the guy with the ball a shot!