How to Be a Better Cricket Bowler

by Siraj

This is for fast Bowling. A spin bowling article will be coming soon. This article is specially for those people who actually concede a lot of run and/or extras while bowling. This will help you to make you bowl better.



Get a Ball.Make sure you have a hard tennis ball.


Have something to aim like a stump or a cardboard roll.


Try to bowl on the the stump or the Cardboard roll or just on the offside or on the leg side. Bowl continuously same area, this will help you gather a good control. Then try different areas on the stump or side of it. Once you gather the control try bowling faster.


Always Bowl with a Legitimate bowling action.


When Bowling to a right-handed batsman always bowl on the off stump or just near it in the full length at a height till the waist of the batsman. Do the same to the left-handed batsman by bowling on the off stump or near it for the left handed batsman till his waist. It always creates problem for the batsman to play a shot. Then you could apply a high speed yorker.


Try Bowling fast with control.


While practicing, always follow the 3rd step.


Watch Videos on the internet on Cricket bowling with control.