How to Bat Aggressively

by Siraj

Batting aggressively is very fascinating both for the batsman and the spectators. Ripping those bowlers apart is sure a good way to have fun. So get yourself all geared up to become a bowler's greatest nightmare!!!



Hold the bat the way you get a full powered swing. That is hold the bat either from the bottom of the handle (like Virender Sehwag) or from the top of the handle (like Adam Gilchrist) or anywhere so that you comfortably get a full outstretched swing of the bat.


Take a strong Batting Stance. For aggressive batting, your stance should be strong and composed. A high back lift stance helps in improving your batting reflexes and gives extra power to the shots played.


Get your feet moving while playing hard shots. If you move your feet towards the pitch of the ball you'll be able to transfer the weight of your back leg to the shot you'll play. This adds on as some extra power to your shots and also increases your chances of hitting the ball from the middle of the bat.


Position your head. Head should be in the right position while playing shots. With a steady head you'll have more control on your shots and you'll improve your shot selection and placement.


Finish your shot with a clean follow through. A good shot follow through gives perfect lift to the ball and prevents you from injuries.

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