How to Avoid Penalties in Field Hockey

by Siraj

Field hockey is a fun sport, but has lots of penalties. Don't worry if you get one though, it just means you’re being aggressive. Here are some tips for minimizing the amount of penalties.



Be careful. Don’t let the ball hit your foot. If you have a chance, put your stick in the path of the ball or sidestep.


Make sure you have space. When you are trying to get the ball from the other team, don't just come in swinging. Only hit when you have the time and space.


Work with your team. if your teammate is trying to steal the ball from the other team, don't think you have to run in to help, as this is a third party foul. Stay open for a pass instead.


Limit your hits. This may sound weird, but doing so will keep you from getting called for high ball, hacking, etc. Try to keep your stick on the ball.


Keep your feet moving.

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