3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Cricket Equipment

Purchasing a cricket gear in New Zealand is not difficult considering the popularity of cricket in the country. However, with an increasing popularity of purchasing sports good online there are numerous options available to easily buy latest sports gear i.e. purchasing cricket bats online or other equipment such as gloves etc. but when purchasing online specifically for people who are new to the world of cricket there are certain essential factors that they need to consider apart from price and affordability. This guide is created to help cricket lover purchase cricket equipment specifically cricket bats online. Please read below for three essential factors to consider when purchasing cricket bats online:

Legal Certification

The legal specification for a bat is that a bat should not be longer than 38 inches, the blade should not be more than 4 inches wide and if you want to play professional cricket then this legal mandate applies to almost every cricket league, but these specifications don’t generally apply to casual cricket players and the blade width could vary in cricket bats that are not produced following this legal mandate.

Determine Bat Quality

The bat quality is determined by the wood its made from, and bats are generally either carved from English or Kashmir willow, and before purchasing a bat online players need to determine the grade of bat they are purchasing, bats are generally divided into five grades based on the willow they are carved from and if you want to purchase a highest quality cricket bat online then grade 1+ is the bat you need to go for. In addition to the grade you need to determine the number of grains in each bat, a bat with optimal performance will have grains between 6-12 and cricket bats that have more than 12 grains could break easily.


You need to choose the bat size that is suitable for your age and your height, if you are purchasing a cricket bat online then check the buyer’s website for a size guide on the basis of age and height and then purchase a cricket bat that is suitable for you according to your height. It is important to ensure that you’re choosing the right size if you want to have great hits using your bat. Another way to determine the right size for you could be to visit a store near you and try different bats and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Cricket equipment is not just limited to purchasing the bat but there are several other essential equipment pieces that are part of the cricket gear, such as helmet, gloves, shoes and pads. When purchasing cricket gear online the essential factors that you need to consider if the quality of the equipment you are purchasing and the sizes you are buying. If you don’t know the correct size or don’t know how to determine quality of online cricket equipment then you might get caught into purchasing low quality equipment. 

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